About Us

Hey everyone, 
My name is Isy and I'm a dog mum to two absolutely gorgeous dachshunds. When I was growing up I always begged my parents for a dog but unfortunately we couldn't accommodate one. As soon as I moved out of home, I decided it was my turn to FINALLY get a puppy. Well one puppy turned into two and that's how I got my two pups, Leo and Layla! 

Layla arrived on the night of my 23rd birthday! Unfortunately she got very sick during transport so we had to meet the transport company at the Emergency Vet! The transport company did everything they could to help Layla during travel but she went into shock and was extremely sick for the first week or so we had her. We ended up getting her back into a healthy state and now she is the most beautiful, red furred, green eyed little girl! She loves to bark and run around like crazy!

Leo arrived two weeks later! He was dropped off to our house as we were in lockdown because of COVID19 and weren't allowed more then 5kms from our home. He is the most chilled puppy EVER! His cream and black coat is stunning and he has a pure white stripe down his chest. Leo loves to lay on his back and just relax, he loves laying in the sun, but most of all he loves his food! 

Once these two arrived I was on their Instagram page and I noticed the demand there is for homemade collars, leads and bandanas! Well seeing as we were in stage 4 lockdown, I decided it was the perfect time to start up my own little business making gorgeous accessories for your pooches! 

I hope you all love our products and enjoy our regular posts on the Barkin' Style and Leo and Layla Instagram pages! Make sure you give us a follow! @barkin_style  @Leo_and_layla

Lots of love, 
Isy, Leo and Layla xoxo